Our stb emulator program will work on all and any android device known in existence. enjoy!!!!

Step 1 – download and install our stb emulator apk file to any android device
Step 2 – once installed click on stb emulator application on your android device
Step 3 – you will notice a mac address that our program has assigned to your device.
Step 4 – respond to our welcome email with the mac address for your device activation.
Step 5 – once your mac is confirmed please watch our video on how to view iptv & enjoy!!


– Do not in any case clear your box or program cache!!!!
This will delete your current mac address and will assign a new mac address, if this happens please send us the new mac address generated .
Below is a list of our servers for stb emulator users, only use the server you have purchased!!!!
These links are for stb emulator android apk programs. below is a list and url for stbemu configurations to each of our servers. in this video we will teach you how to successfully connect using pvr client direct in the stb emulator platform. enjoy and happy viewing!!

links and assigned mac addresses must be entered exactly as shown in our video for your current server of choice
Best 4k IPTV server stb emulator portal url = http://best4kiptv.net